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Aushadhi Kendra

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  • STEP 1Apply via Registration

    If you are interested in having your own GSC Aushadhi Kendra's Franchise, the first step is through Registration that will require your name, contact number, and few details. Once you apply through it, one of the company's experts will contact the number given on the form.

  • STEP 2Training Session

    For a better understanding and a good flow in the business module, videos would be provided like a walkout session in which the proper working structure would be explained to the client.
    After receiving the materials such as license, agreement, market material they will be authorized to purchase the products and sell in the market.

  • STEP 3Information Sharing

    Through an online sharing mode, the expert will first brief you about the business module and guide you for the follow-ups. They will share data such as what is this franchise, the cost, benefits, commission's rate, etc. to ensure that you are aware of the business. After the session, you will have clear confidence in why and how this is the right profession for your career and how can it be a value-adding element in your financial life and standard earning. Once this step is completed, the next step is agreement.

  • STEP 4Branding

    This session or phase includes both the parts where the clients will be provided the backend support and market support such as from the backend end they would be provided a CRM Portal that is they will be given an online platform from where they will sell their product, track their product and check their order history, in case they lost their license they will have the option to download its soft copy and from the same platform they are the CRM Portal, they can share their product on any social platform, etc.

  • STEP 5Agreement Stage

    This Stage includes the documentation process. This session is an important element to support and secure the trust of our clients. An Agreement will be signed by both the parties that will have a clear message, data, and knowledge regarding the business.
    Our Clients are provided the documents that inform them about every policy to clear up the terms that can lead to future conflict plus it also acts as the powerful record in the process to provide the authorized license.
    Once the agreement is done you will be assisted by our training team and taken for the next session.

  • STEP 6Market Entry

    Once the client receives all the packages such as market material and backend support which is the Web-Based Application and a Mobile-Based Application to operate the business to maintain their lead management system and to remain updated plus notified about the work status you get ready to set your foot in the market with the proper preparation.

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