About Us

The History of Ayurveda has the brightest medical value on earth and continues to hold its place despite any technology. It has the extracts of nature that carries the strength to fight against any viruses, infections, or diseases. From oldest to date and through witnessing the past events and future circumstance, Ayurveda still holds the brightest position in medicinal science. It constructs the human body in every way by strengthening the core essentials of the human body.

So here at GSC Aushadhi Kendra, we are providing you a chance of business opportunity through Ayurveda in a low investment because 2020 is the year that has confirmed this as a declaration that with so many issues boosting the physical health is a must. Today, GSC Aushadhi Kendra has set itself into a high potential area of HEALTH and HYGIENE.

Let's know more about the Kendra

What is GSC Aushadhi Kendra ?

GSC Aushadhi Kendra is a market place that allows its clients to deal with the OTC products (Over-The-Counter) with all the products' ingredients approved and tested by The Ministry of AYUSH.

So here is a summary of its origin-When we realized that the Covid-19's cure is not possible but can be prevented through social-distancing and an immune system boost-up we thought why not change the concept of dealing with Wealth and Wellness So We are offering you, the clients, a deal wherewith the least amount of investment can help you to have a great and unique business opportunity and all you have to do is to sell Covid-19 essentials products with online or offline medium depending on your choice.

Features of your GSC Aushadhi Kendra

  1. It will have OTC products which are 100% safe, 0% side-effect free, 100% pure and natural.
  2. You get a free license for selling GSC Aushadhi Kendra's products that are tested and then verified by The Ministry of AYUSH.
  3. Free Registration license for sale worth of 15,000.
  4. The GSC Aushadhi Kendra's clients will have full and proper support of the backend team that is clients will have their market-place-log in access, their android app.
  5. Full Support for Branding and Marketing. Clients can share their product's details, any relevant post, updates, and blogs directly through their portal to social media.
  6. Clients will receive the best inventory management as they are given the choice on stock limits.
  7. The company deals with all the major problems of the business which are license, branding, sourcing, and inventory.
  8. The Clients get a great deal of commission rate in the GSC Aushadhi's Products.
  9. No office space is required.

The reason why GSC Aushadhi Kendra will work

  1. It does not require or demand heavy knowledge of business, you just need communication skills.
  2. It can be started by any Men or Women who want to start their side-business or generate extra income.
  3. This business can be started by anyone, you can start it in your Society as a side-profession and it will work as due to social distancing people need products to boost immunity and whats better if it gets available near them.
  4. You can purchase the product and sell it to other local vendors.
  5. The products in GSC Aushadhi Kendra have an impactful effect on the areas of wealth and wellness. These medicines counter Financial and health-related challenges of modern lifestyle
  6. Every GSC Aushadhi Kendra's product has been manufactured after a long clinical trial and under the direction and supervision of the Ministry of AYUSH. Our production unit is also in compliance with the guidelines to meet international standards.
  7. Our Products Manufacturing unit is equipped with the most modern state-of-art equipment and certified to manufacture herbal medicines and supplements to provide the best Ayurvedic franchise business opportunities in India.

The products available in GSC Aushadhi Kendra

GSC Aushadhi Kendra's Franchise owners will deal in 2 sectors -

  1. Hygiene - Due to uprising cases of diseases, it is important for everyone to maintain social-distancing and follow the pandemic guidelines for that maintaining hygiene is must so few products that are in-demand regularly for cleanliness such as sanitizers, masks, sanitizing machines, etc. are available in the franchise product list.

  2. Health - To keep the core strong and fit, regular intake of few ingredients is advised by the Ministry of AYUSH, and GSC Aushadhi Kendra's franchise owners will have the license to sell the Ayurvedic products to boost immunity and cure other problems in a natural and herbal way.

How can it be a Good Business ?

Let's explain it with the help of data -

Suppose a franchise owner selects the BASIC PACKAGE in which his/her minimum investment would be 2,180.

In this price the GST Center gets 4 packets of NAMO Herbal Tea and 4 bottles of Tulsi Essential Drops. Even if he sells these products with 10% discount to retail customer, his return on his investment will be INR 2700/-. This gives him a net profit of INR 520/- on the lot, and it works out to be 23.85% on his total investment.

At the same time if he opts for the Premium Package and invest INR 10,000/-, his ROI on the lot will be INR 13500/- which gives him 35% returns on his investment.This profit margin/value keeps increasing with the increase in packets.

GSC Aushadhi Kendra gives the franchise owners a high rate of commissions, which makes it a profitable business. This business has great growth potential in future as the Ayurveda and Organic Products industry are gaining popularity across the globe.

Who can open GSC Aushadhi Kendra ?

  1. Salaried/ Retired individual.
  2. People who want to start their new business
  3. Any 10th or 12th pass student.
  4. Working ladies or housewives.
  5. People who want to understand entrepreneurship career.


To Attain almost Satisfaction of Client's Experience, Expectations, Cost and Time effective services, Constant and endless quality development, Fulfillments of defined quality objectives targets as a promise, Continuous evaluation of market to explore challenging areas of operation.