What is GSC Aushadhi Kendra?

  1. GSC Aushadhi Kendra is a market place where one who owns the GSC Aushadhi Kendra's Franchise carries the authorized permission to sell the corona essentials Ayurvedic products through Aushadhi Kendra's franchise and create their earning opportunity.

What is the difference between Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Kendra & GSC Aushadhi Kendra?

  1. To start a Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Kendra, few requirements are needed such as office space, a degree in Bachelor of Pharmacy, a set limit of supply to be purchased whereas while starting the GSC Aushadhi Kendra you are provided with a license, sourcing and marketing. The best part of the GSC Aushadhi Kendra is that the products are approved by the Ministry of Ayush..

Is GSC Aushadhi Kendra approved by the ministry of Ayush?

  1. GSC Aushadhi Kendra's products are tested and verified by the Ministry of Ayush.

What is the medicine available in GSC aushadhi Kendra & what are their prices?

  1. GSC Aushadhi Kendra sells its product in reasonable rates which means anyone belonging from any sector, rich or high can purchase it and the best part is that the products are related to health and Hygiene which is the only requirement of the time, this is the reason why this business is one of the best business of 2020.

How to open GSC Aushadhi Kendra?

  1. To open the GSC Aushadi Kendra, you must register yourself by visiting on the website or call on the number 1800-843-5500.

What is the minimum qualification to open GSC Aushadhi Kendra?

  1. 10th Pass is the minimum qualification for anyone to open a GSC Aushadhi Kendra. Other than this any Employed, unemployed, housewife or the student can start their business as GSC Aushadhi Kendra

How can I Earn Money from GSC Aushadhi Kendra?

  1. GSC Aushadhi Kendra is one of the best earning providing or generating business sources. To know how to keep reading- We all are stuck in this Pandemic, and no one is sure when the vaccine will be available and the only thing that every organization is suggesting is to strengthen the immune system and with the business like GSC Aushadhi Kendra where corona essentials products are available and the products are approved and testified in the lab of Ministry of AYUSH, it is a great source of income.

The reason why GSC Aushadhi Kendra will work

  1. Salaried/ Retired individual.

  2. People who want to start their new business

  3. Any 10th or 12th pass student.

  4. Working ladies or housewives.

  5. People who want to understand entrepreneurship career.

Which type of ayurvedic products is offered by GSC Aushadhi Kendra?

  1. GSC Aushadhi Kendra deals in the Health and Hygiene Sector where a GSC Aushadhi Kendra Owner will have the authorized license to sell the Corona Essential products such as immune-boosting herbal tea, sanitizers, masks, etc. with the minimum investment of Rs.2,000.

What is the Registration Process to Open GSC Aushadhi Kendra?

  1. To Open GSC Aushadhi Kendra, the first step is through Registration that will require your name, contact number, and few details and one can fill register themselves by visiting on the website. Once you apply through it, one of the company's experts will contact on the number given on the form.

Is GSC Aushadhi Kendra Franchise Government Approved?

  1. GSC Aushadhi Kendra's products are approved by The Ministry of Ayush which is headed by a Minister of State and purposed with developing education, research, and propagation of indigenous alternative medicine systems in India.

What is the cost to open GSC Aushadhi Kendra Franchise?

  1. There is no set cost for Opening the GSC Aushadhi Kendra franchise till now, the Organization provides a free license for selling the government authorized products with the purchase value of minimum Rs.2,000.

How GSC Aushadhi Kendra Franchise is the best Earning Opportunity in India?

Let's explain it with the help of data-

Suppose a franchise owner selects the BASIC PACKAGE in which his/her minimum investment would be 2,180. At this price, the GST Center gets 4 packets of NAMO Herbal Tea and 4 bottles of Tulsi Essential Drops. Even if he sells these products with a 10% discount to the retail customer, his return on his investment will be INR 2700/-. This gives him a net profit of INR 520/- on the lot, and it works out to be 23.85% on his total investment.

At the same time, if he opts for the Premium Package and invests INR 10,000/-, his ROI on the lot will be INR 13500/- which gives him 35% returns on his investment. This profit margin/value keeps increasing with the increase in packets.

GSC Aushadhi Kendra gives the franchise owners a high rate of commissions, which makes it a profitable business. This business has great growth potential in the future as the Ayurveda and Organic Products industry is gaining popularity across the globe.

What incentive (commission) is available to a GSC Aushadhi Kendra franchise partner?

A GSC Aushadhi Kendra Franchise owner can make a profit of up to 30% on Kendra's product.