Return Policy

We ship all the orders on the same day when we receive them. You can track your shipments online and call us on 1800 843 5500 If you are having any problems with the tracking number or have any queries. We'll provide you with more information about your shipments quickly.

(A) We suggest you to properly inspect your products while receiving them as we don't accept used products back in any condition. You must get authorization from us before you return any product to us.

(B) Shipping Cost is a non-refundable item. If you return a product to us, please be aware that you have to pay return shipping charges and you'll not get a refund for the shipping charges which you had paid earlier.

(C) We don't accept the returns If you've removed anything or if in case anything is missing or appeared as used. Please don't contact us with any complaints after using the product. We can't accept used items back as we are selling brand new items and we don't re-stock used items back.

(D) Returns are not available for many reasons as all products have different quality values and cant be a remake or reused in any case. If you want a low-quality product for a cheap price, don't compare it with ours and It will not be a ground for returns.