Terms And Conditions

At GSC Aushadhi Kendra we know Terms and Conditions are essential, so please read the following text document containing them cautiously before using this website. By using our services and purchasing products from this website, we assume that you have carefully read and agreed to these terms and conditions.

(1) GSC Aushadhi Kendra is engaged by you to provide, best product and services. You agree to engage GSC Aushadhi Kendra to provide products to you to improve your experience with GSC Aushadhi Kendra

(2) It is your own decision to use our products because these products are more affordable and profitable. We don't sell products without a logo or of other companies so if you purchase products from other buyers we don't stand by you and our agreement will be terminated. We only deal with generic products of respective brands.

(3) If an item or part is damaged during shipment, please contact us immediately

(4) The liability of a damaged part is limited to either the replacement of the product or the cost of replacement of the part or item shipped. Seller may insure each part or item it ships but shall not be liable to customer for any damages beyond either a replacement part or item or the cost of a replacement part or item, in Seller's sole discretion

(5) We are not responsible for the chosen wrong product from your side. It is your own responsibility to check the product before book it.

(6) It doesn't mean that we don't check the product before sending it. We check the product carefully before sending it but may some part which works here may not work on the customer's side for various reasons. It is always a better idea to check the part before fixing it.

(7) In case of buying a product from GSC Aushadhi Kendra please ensure the quality and quantity.